EdRox: Project description

Seven academic groups with established track records in education and complementary expertise in research participate in this intersectorial and interdisciplinary network together with two SMEs which are active in biotechnology.

About the consortium

The EdRox consortium consists of 7 academic partners and 2 SMEs and forms a balanced mix of expertise in state-of-the-art imaging, optical spectroscopy, electrochemical analysis, protein engineering, synthetic (linker) chemistry, surface chemistry, and surface characterization and modification.

The total man power of the participating groups is around 65 people (staff, graduate students, post-docs, and technicians) all of whom already have a strong commitment to the objectives of the current proposal, and will be able to contribute key expertise in the development of biosensors. Together, the consortium provides ample critical mass to achieve the training objectives of the EdRox network.

All academic partners are recognized as leading groups in their fields of expertise as reflected by their publication record. They all have a long standing experience with training researchers, from tutoring Master students to providing advanced courses to experienced researchers.

SMEs will contribute to the program by fully exploiting their qualities: technology development and commercialization, and teaching on those subjects. Complementarity and synergy between partners is maximized by identifying overlapping roles in this project and fully exploiting them by choosing the partner best suited to the identified tasks.