EdRox: Project description

Seven academic groups with established track records in education and complementary expertise in research participate in this intersectorial and interdisciplinary network together with two SMEs which are active in biotechnology.

Training objectives

The EdRox training plan will target the acquisition of both scientific skills as well as complementary skills that will bring benefit to the career development of the fellow. The program will be adapted to the needs of the fellows by developing for each ESR and ER in the network a personalized career development plan. Deficiencies in the background of each ESR and ER will be identified and eliminated by appropriate training actions.

Training is provided in the specific scientific areas that are associated with the proposed research objectives. Training activities are chosen to make the best use of the unique consortium composition during summer schools and workshops. Longer periods of secondments will increase the transfer of knowledge between partners.

The interdisciplinary and intersectorial contributions are guaranteed by the composition of the consortium, which consists of disciplines ranging from physics to biology. The input from the SME partners to the training activities specifically concern aspects such as entrepreneurship, commercialization and IP protection.

The acquired, advanced interdisciplinary skills and research experience in a field which is rapidly expanding, will offer the ESR/ERs excellent opportunities to further their careers, either in an industrial or in an academic setting. When an ESR fellow has been in the program for the maximum of 3 years, the fellow will be offered the possibility of completing and defending a thesis leading to a Ph.D. degree at the host institute.